Vehicle Entries 2024

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OLD564         1954  AEC RT(Regent Three)      London Transport RT4777





H262MFX 1991 Dennis Dominator           Bournemouth Yellow Buses    262

JLJ402 1949 Leyland Tiger PS2/1   Bournemouth Corporation        45

RRU903 1955 Leyland Tiger Cub   Bournemouth Corporation      266

KEL131 1950 Leyland Titan PD2/3   Bournemouth Corporation      131

8159EL   1960 Leyland Titan PD3/1   Bournemouth Corporation      159

HF03ODU       2003 Volvo Gemini                        Bournemouth Corporation      180

6167RU   1963 Leyland Titan PD3A/1         Bournemouth Corporation      167

E208 GCG 1988 Volvo B10M   Bournemouth Transport           208

N465 TPR 1996 Dennis Dart   Bournemouth Transport           465

T278 BPR 

P474 BLJ 

GL23LDN       2023 ADL Enviro 400 City           Reading Buses Ltd                       732

C245WFH 1986 Leyland Tiger Burrow Coaches Ltd                    2411

HF03ODS 2003 Volvo B7TL ELC Vyking     Yellow Buses Livery                     427 "Phoebe"

GX06DYW 2006 ADL E300 Stagecoach  27517

KOW909F      1967 AEC Regent V Former Southampton Corporation Transport 

BUF279C       1965 Leyland PD3 Former Southdown Motor Services   279

JDV 754 1947 Bedford Lewis Coaches

HF20CVH 2020 ADL Enviro200 Swindon Bus Company 276

D22PVS Sherpa/Dorobile

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