Routes & Feeders:

A list and times of feeder service for our 2023 event will appear below nearer the date. As with all services provided on the day, please be respectful of the vehicles (and their owners!) as these vehicles are restored and maintained by private owners.

Railway Station Feeder

Bournemouth (Railway Station)   09.30-10.00-10.30-11.00-11.30

Kings Park (Rally Site)                   09.45-10.15-10.45-11.15-11.45

Kings Park (Rally Site)                   16.15-16.45-17.15

Bournemouth Railway Station      16.25-16.55-17.25

Feeder 1 (CANCELLED)

Sadly due to a mechanical issue the Bognor Regis feeder service will no longer be operating. Anyone in the Chichester area can still use the Feeder 2 service below.

Feeder 2 (Anyone wanting to use this service please email us at the latest by Friday 30th June at or DM us on our Facebook Page and let us know which pick up you'd like an how spaces you'd like. This service is run on a first come/booked first served basis so please let us know you're interest as soon as possible)

Chichester, South Street   07.50-08.00

Portsmouth, Hilsea Lido      08.20-08.30

Southampton, Castle Way   09.00-09.10

Bournemouth, Rally Site       09.50

Service 10

(Talbot Manor Circular)

Service 40

(Hengistbury Head Circular)

A full list of timings will be available on the day in our rally programme.