Entries 2023

FEL 218 - 15, Burlingham bodied Bedford WTB, new to Bournemouth in June 1939.

JDV 754, Duple Vista bodied Bedford OB, new to Woolacombe & Morthoe Motor Company in December 1947, now preserved in Lewis Coaches of  Henstridge, Somerset colours. 

JLJ 402 - 45, Burlingham bodied Leyland Tiger PS2/3, new to Bournemouth in August 1948.

MXX 398 - RF421, Metro-Cammell bodied A.E.C. Regal lV, new to London Transport in January 1953.

OLD 564 - RT4777, Weymann bodied A.E.C Regent lll, new to London Transport in July 1954.

RRU 903 - 266, Park Royal bodied Leyland Tiger Cub, new to Bournemouth in October 1955.

VLT 24 - RM24, Park Royal bodied A.E.C. Routemaster new to London Transport in June 1959.

8159 EL - 159, Weymann bodied Leyland Titan PD3/1, new to Bournemouth in November 1960.

1013 MW - 42, Weymann bodied Leyland Atlantean, new to Silver Star of Porton Down in February 1962.

654 DYE - RM1654, Park Royal bodied A.E.C Routemaster, new to London Transport in July 1963.

CRU 184C - 184, 1965 Weymann bodied Daimler Fleetline, new to Bournemouth in July 1965.

OAX 9F - RC.968, 1968 Eastern Coach Works bodied Bristol RELH-6L, new to Red & White in March 1968. Now preserved in Red & White livery.

WRD 162T - 162, 1979 MCW Metrobus, entering service with Reading Transport in July 1979, withdrawn in April 1998 and entered preservation. It is shown in as withdrawn condition complete with period adverts. 

TYD 911W, Duple bodied Leyland Leopard, new to Safeway of South Petherton in November 1980.

JDY 888Y, Plaxton Supreme lV bodied Dennis VAS5, new to Rowland & Goodwin (Rambler) of St Leonards in January 1983.

E208 GCG - 208, Alexander bodied Volvo Citybus B10M-50, new to Bournemouth in March 1988.

G611 BPH, East Lancs (modified) bodied Volvo B10M-50, new to London Country (611) in September 1989, now operating for Aldermaston of Beenham, Reading.

H262 MFX - 262, East Lancs bodied Dennis Dominator, new to Bournemouth in June 1991.

L622 TDY - 622, Alexander PS bodied Volvo B10M-55, new to Stagecoach Sussex Coastline in June 1994 for their Worthing depot, it was later stationed at Hastings and then Dover depots, ending its service life as a driver training vehicle until withdrawal in 2014.

N465 TPR - 465, East Lancs bodied Dennis Dart, new to Bournemouth in June 1996.

P474 BLJ - 474, East Lancs Spryte bodied Dennis Dart SLF, new to Bournemouth in May 1997. After its service life with Yellows it became a driver training vehicle within the fleet, before entering preservation. 

SN51 AYP - 366, Plaxton President bodied Dennis Trident, new to Lothian Transport (630) in October 2001. 

L27 BUS, Wright Gemini bodied Volvo V7TL, new to London Buses in October 2002 registered LF52 THV (VWL27). Later seeing service for operators in Wales and then for Greenslades of Exeter.

YG52 CMF - 3412, Wright Cadet bodied DAF SB120, new to Marchwood Motorways (Solent Blueline), later with Bluestar before entering preservation 3 years ago.

HF03 ODU - 5006, Wright Gemini bodied Volvo B7TL, new to Bournemouth in June 2003. Serving with Yellows for 19 years before the company ceased operating in August 2022. Currently it carries the route 1 branded version of their livery it was withdrawn in.

WJ52 GOC - 63, Plaxton Super Pointer bodied Dennis Dart SLF, new to Plymouth in September 2002. Serving 20 years for Plymouth Citybus before being withdrawn in 2022. She was acquired for preservation earlier this year.

GX09 ZZU Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 bodied Volvo B9TL. New to Isle of Man registered JMN 49R (63) in April 2009. later with Yellow Buses, Xela Group and now with Transpora.

BU55 VDL, VDL Futura FHD2-129 2 DAF, new to Coach Options of Castleton registered YD65 DNU, now operated by Top Marks Coaches of Four Marks, Alton.

EN16 OUM, 2016 Ford Transit 460 Econetic Tech. 

Owned by Paragon Travel PHC.

SN66 VYF - 10762, Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC bodied E40D, new to Stagecoach South in November 2016 for Gold route 1. 

HF20 CVG - 278, Alexander Dennis Enviro 200MMC bodied E20D, new to Go South Coast (Swindon) in July 2020.

YX23 ORH - 11601, Alexander Dennis Enviro 400MMC bodied E40D, new to Stagecoach South in June 2023.

YD23FNE - 13, Yutong GT12, new to Go South Coast (Excelsior) in June 2023.

YD23FNA/H - 12 & 14, Yutong GT12, new to Go South Coast (Excelsior) in June 2023.